To complete an interesting composition using all the techniques and theories we’ve learned throughout the term
· Ink values
· Charcoal
· Color theory
· Texture
Project Directions:
  • You may find an artwork to recreate or create an original composition.
  • You will use a heavy watercolor paper or poster board to complete this assignment on which will be supplied for you.
  • Your final image will be the entire water color paper (proportions may be an issue—see me for advice)
  • You will draw the artwork or original design onto the water color paper with a pencil.
  • Then you will break you image and cut it into 9 different sections (you may do this as you choose) I suggest labeling the pieces with numbers to help with keeping them in order.
  • You will assign each piece a different media technique as follows:
    1. Stippling
    2. Hatching/Crosshatching
    3. Ink Wash
    4. Charcoal and Eraser
    5. Monochromatic
    6. Analogous
    7. Split-Complementary
    8. Triad
    9. Texture (modeling paste, gloss medium, etc.)
I suggest you write each technique on the back as well it will help keep your ideas straight.
  • After you have completed each piece you will put them together to form the entire composition. You will mount them on black paper using rubber cement. You may want to use foam core board or cardboard to make it sturdy.
  • Once you have completed your composition you must take a picture of it and e-mail it to me (mmdelaune3@yahoo.com) by Sunday- May, 23rd at 11:59pm.
  • The project must be present for the exam and completed before you enter the room on exam day. (A loss of 5 points if assignment is not completed by dead line.)
  • During the exam you will complete your artist statement, critical questions, and a peer review (found on the following pages). Answer all questions in complete sentences.

Time Line:
Monday—Dec 5th: Image is due (5 points)
Exam Day: Completed composition must be present after the 30 min. mark of the exam(5 points)

· Studio Skills/Use of Media
· Composition
· Punctuality
· Effort/Participation
· Presentation/Craftsmanship
· Peer Review
· Artist Statement/Critical Questions

Download the following into OneNote:

Project Examples: