Mary Grace


Quality that draws your attention to a certain part of a design first.

Ways to Create Emphasis:

Contrast and color
different of unusual line
size of shapes
different shapes
plain background-- Space

Focal Point-

The first part of a work to attract the attention of the viewer.


Contrast- a principle of design that refers to differences between elements such as color, texture, value, and shape.
Isolation- Technique for creating a focal point by putting one object alone to emphasis it.
Location- technique of using placement of elements to create a focal point.
Convergence- technique for creating a focal point by arranging elements so that many lines or shapes point to one item or area.
The Unusual- technique for creating a focal point by using the unexpected.

focalpointamurleopard.jpgFocal Point

earth.jpgshows different colors, shapes, and texture. Emphasis.