Mary Grace


  • Color- The quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.
  • Intensity- the brightness or dullness of a color.
  • Warm Colors- red, yellow, orange
  • Cool Colors- Blue, green, violet
  • Neutral colors- black, white, grey, sometimes brown
  • Optical colors- colors as seen in life
  • Arbitrary colors- colors are not as they appear in life
  • b2831915bcacf.jpg<-- Warm Colors
  • WinterMix2001-Back.jpg<-- Cool Colors
  • Optical Colors--> TREE-OF-LIFE.jpg

arbitrary_color_julia_kay-784324.jpg<-- Arbitrary Colors black_white.jpg<-- Neutral Colors

High Intensity--> 47724.jpg

Low Intensity--> primary-yellows.jpg