• How does an artist conceptualize values when completing a reverse value drawing?

  • Why is Value an important element of Art?

  • Element of Value
  • Techniques in creating value with charcoal
  • Reverse Value
  • Portraits
  • Facial Proportions

Project Directions:
You will select a portrait to reproduce in charcoal. It is easier to choose a black and white photo to help you see several different values of darks and lights. Working on top of a piece of newsprint, you will cover an entire page of your sketchbook with compressed charcoal. Then you will lightly sketch with pencil your portrait on top of the charcoal. You will use your picture to determine values and highlights. Using your kneaded eraser you will remove charcoal exposing the highlights (light values) of your image. You may use charcoal to add details to the final product.

  • Value
  • Facial Proportions
  • Composition
  • Effort
  • Participation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Artist Statement

Download the following into Good Reader or Noterize:Charcoal Eraser Portrait Assignment.pdf
The following is unit organizer and rubric: Charcoal Eraser Portrait Unit Organizer and Rubric.pdf

Project Examples:
Joanna_Thomas.jpg IMG_6240.JPG