• How does the element of texture influence an artwork?

  • Explain how an artist applies media to express textures.

  • Element of Texture
  • Actual Texture
  • Simulated Texture
  • Invented Texture

Project Directions:

1- Square off a 2” border on a 18”X24” sheet of sketchbook paper. (You may use a canvas or poster board)
2- Create a design in your image area that has an interesting positive and negative space relationship. (National Geographic magazines, famous paintings/artworks are some excellent source for subjects.)
3- Divide the image area into a minimum of 12 spaces. Make sure that there is action in each area.
4- Apply a variety of media to each space. The following are some ideas:

1. Torn paper (newsprint or paper towel) dipped in India ink
2. Fill in w/ thick paint (use pallet knife)
3. Combine ink wash and pencil
4. Dry brush w/India ink combined with pastels
5. Pencil and/or ink lines, vary thickness, length, pressure
6. Pencil and/or pastel texture rubbings
7. Thin paint over rubber cement
8. Pencil over thick acrylic w/torn paper
9. Pencil over rubber cement
10. Pencil over charcoal
11. Ink wash over rubber cement, then some pencil
12. Thick paint, scrape & scratch into it w/end of paint brush handle or other instrument
13. Add sand or salt to paint

· Texture
· Use of Media
· 12 Sections
· Composition
· Effort
· Participation
· Craftsmanship
· Artist Statement

Download the following into Good Reader or Noterize: 12 Sections of Texture Assignment.pdf
The following is the Unit Organizer and Rubric: 12 Sections of Texture Organizer & Rubric.pdf

Project Examples: